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My Consultations

We're really looking forward to seeing you soon! So that we're ready to look after you please complete your WELCOME BACK Consultation, so we can call and get your appointments booked.

The first steps in getting your style to where you want to be, is to know where you are now.

1. Repair

We know it's been a tough time without us, but just know we'll look after and support you to fix any DIY mishaps you may have had. We'll call and arrange a consultation to chat through best next steps.

I've done a DIY makeover, the box said semi permanent!
I've used a permanent box dye
I've used Sun-in product
I've used 'Vivid' colour
I've been Box Dying for years
I've been Home Bleaching for years
I've cut my hair and it's not looking good
I've been using heat styling tools (straighteners etc) frequently

Choose as many as apply.


2. Reinvention

My look needs reinventing

I'm liking the idea of a whole NEW LOOK
I'm liking the idea of a NEW COLOUR
I'm liking the idea of CURLS, I'd like to know more about PERMS
I'm liking the idea of a NEW STYLE


3. Restore

I love the LOOK I had, I want to get it back as quickly as possible


4. The years younger club

If you feel that you've mislaid some of your va-va-voom, we have some expert strategies to get your Glow back. For looking and feeling more vibrant, youthful, energised and rejuvenated.

Yes I'd like to know more


5. The fine to fabulous club

It can be very stressful when you notice changes in the thickness or density of your hair. We can guide you with the best steps and actions to fast track feeling great about your hair again.

Yes I'd like to know more


6. The curl creative club

Looking after Curls is an artform, however on a daily basis, it can feel like a constant battle. We can set you up to win with expert techniques and tips that put you back in control.

Yes I'd like to know more


7. Recreate

Now we need to know everything you've been using at home


8. What are you looking forward to having back asap?

The Shine
More Volume
Defined Curls
The Style Lasting
Stronger Hair
Just More Hair
A New Style with no more roots


9. What have been the biggest challenges?

The colour fading
Huge roots
The style losing it's shape
Dry ends
General flatness
Greasy roots
The curl dropping
The colour looking Brassy
More Hair Loss than normal


10. What do you wish you’d known how to do during lockdown?

Generally how to style it better
Create new looks as it grew
Be able to create a simple 'UP DO'
Make the colour last longer


11. What would you say your NEW hair priorities are?

Lower maintenance colour
Easier styling
Keeping the look I want on budget
How to disguise my roots
Always have a backup plan with the right products for my colour
Always have a backup plan with the right tools for my style


12. What will your next 6-8 weeks revolve around?

Mostly working from home, but people can see me on zoom 🙂
Looking after Family & Children at home
I'll still be going into work
I have no idea 🙂



Huge thanks for sharing with us! Now all that's left is the big question of which Journey most appeals to you? Which Journey is the one that will best guarantee that your style' is right for you and your personal needs. - if you're struggling to choose just one...pick 2 🙂


13. Go Bold

You're ready for your Style to make a statement. It may be 'bigging up' your blonde tones, rocking a stand out red, trending with a pastel-shade, or a bright-vivid!

Yes, this is the Journey for me 🙂


14. Go Grey

You're loving the Grey tones trend! This isn't a salt and pepper look, or defined by your age. It's what we call 'Couture Grey', which will give you confidence and get you compliments too!

Yes, this is the Journey for me 🙂


15. Go Natural

You like the idea of keeping the colour you love, or choosing a new one. However, you may not be able, at the moment, to spend alot of time with us maintaining it. Not a problem, we can use bespoke techniques that create a more natural result. With our expertise that means you still get to keep the tone and shade you love too.

Yes, this is the Journey for me 🙂


16. Go Home

At the moment you may have more time restrictions than usual. You may prefer to look after certain aspects of your hair colour and conditioning needs at home, whilst letting us take care of the technical, and expert details at elements. We'll create a plan together that works for you.

Yes, this is the Journey for me 🙂


Is there anything else you’d like us to know?


One thing we know for sure is that when you feel your hair looks great you can cope with almost anything, so we'll be in touch to get your HAIR JOURNEY & PLAN booked now 🙂

Great Hair @ Home

Let’s Get Started!

We need to be sure that the products we recommend, will achieve the results you want and need, in the time that you want to spend looking after your hair and scalp. Please let us know your best schedule.

I shampoo my hair daily
I shampoo my hair 3-4 times a week
I shampoo my hair weekly
I shampoo my hair in the morning
I shampoo my hair in the evening
I use a leave in conditioner
I use a rinse out conditioner
I could apply a 15 minute treatment weekly
I could apply an ‘overnight’ conditioner
I like to style my hair in 15 minutes or less
I like to take 15-30 minutes to style my hair
I could take 30 minutes to create an ‘Out-Out’ style 🙂

Choose as many as apply.


Your Stylist will now select the products to perfectly support your style.

We want you to feel confident every day and we can help by working out the key elements to keep your style looking great after you leave our salon. 

Remember though, we’re just a phone call away if you need us ? As experts we want to be sure that we are giving you all the tips, tricks and ideas that are going to make your style work for you all of the time.


Best shampoo to use -

Best conditioner to use -

Best treatment to use -

Best refreshing to use -

Best styling to use -

Best styling to use #2 -

Best finishing to use -

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