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After just one visit to the elements, you’ll understand why clients say we are the best hair, beauty & lifestyle in Surrey. We offer a wide range of high-quality services under one roof, including hair cutting, styling & colouring, men’s hair & beauty treatments. Our aim is to provide an environment when you can work or relax.

We are proud to have been leading the way and setting new standards as an award-winning sustainable salon and are now officially an eco-friendly hair salon in Oxted after becoming part of The Green Salon Collective. The team are really excited and passionate about this fantastic initiative which shares our salon’s own ethos to be committed to sustainability, reducing waste and helping the environment.

When it comes to technology, we’ve introduced the latest innovations to enhance your experience ensure your wellbeing.  We have installed special doTERRA filters & anti-viral diffusers on each floor. They use a unique blend of essential oils to support the immune system and help kill off harmful bacteria and viruses.  

How Are We An Eco-Friendly Hair & Beauty Salon In Oxted?

So, what is the Green Salon Collective? Here at elements, we truly care for the world we live in and want to minimise our impact on the environment. The Green Salon Collective works to increase the recycling of the waste within the salon and reduce pollution of the environment. They facilitate salon sustainability by recycling the unrecyclable! Hair clippings, as well as used foil, colour tubes, excess colour and bleach, PPE, plastics, paper and cups, are all recycled and saved from landfill.

Sustainable Hair & Beauty Salon, Surrey

If we are to ensure sustainability, the first step in the journey is to become more aware and do whatever we can to help create a more environmentally friendly hair salon. By diverting easily recyclable materials that are currently being sent to landfill we can do our little bit to help the planet and ensure a greener tomorrow. 

Some of the ways we achieve this include:

  • We use Vegan haircare and or cruelty-free & colouring products by top brands Organics and Kevin Murphy
  • We use compostable & recyclable wherever possible. This includes cups, all plastic, foil, paper and hair are recycled separately
  • We use cruelty-free products from Kevin Murphy, weDo, Moroccan Oil & Olaplex
  • 90% of our light fittings are LED
  • We use a combination of washable and disposable, biodegrade hairdressing towels (8 -12 weeks)
  • We use green energy suppliers for the small amount of laundry we do
  • We use eco head shower heads at the backwash to reduce water usage
  • Recyclable gloves

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