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Join Our Club! #lovethehairyouwear

Our philosophy at elements is that beautiful hair should be available to everyone. Our vision is that we want to empower each and every client who visits us to be able to #lovethehairyouwear. How do we do that? We do this by ensuring we listen. By listening to what it is you want we can then educate you on the best products to use and give you styling tips and advice to achieve your dream hair yourself at home.

We have developed a personalised consultation process to ensure we get to the very core of what it is you want. No matter if you have frizzy curls and want advice about hair smoothing treatments or you want to learn how to style thin or fine hair, we can help find a style that suits your lifestyle.

Call our experienced stylists today to book your consultation on 01883 714 072 or book online using the tab to the right of the page.

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Why Choose elements Hair Salon In Oxted, Surrey?

At elements our team are trained to provide a first-class service for our clients to ensure that you can expect so much more from your appointment than just a hair cut and finish. We have gained a reputation as being the best hairdressers in Oxted for hair cuts, hair colouring and styling. You can read our five star salon reviews here

Our diverse team boasts a wealth of experience allowing us to offer you an impressive array of specialist hairdressing services including balayage, colour correction and covering unwanted grey using the latest techniques and top-quality products.

The Years Younger Club

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If you feel that you’ve mislaid some of your va-va-voom, we have some expert strategies to get your Glow back. For looking and feeling more vibrant, youthful, energised and rejuvenated.

The Fine To Fabulous Club

hair clubs at elements hairdressers, Surrey

It can be very stressful when you notice changes in the thickness or density of your hair. We can guide you with the best steps and actions to fast track feeling great about your hair again.

The Curl Creative Club

elements, top hair and beauty salon in Oxted, Surrey

Looking after Curls is an art form, however, on a daily basis, it can feel like a constant battle. We can set you up to win with expert techniques and tips that put you back in control.

Become A VIG At elements 

So, the core that all of that hinges upon is our consultation. Our aim is if it’s important to you, then it’s important to us. And if it’s important to both of us, then you need to have the information that’s important to you in the palm of your hand, i.e, on a phone, hence why our consultation process can be done online via our VIG portal.  You can join our VIG club here.

On the portal as well as the consultation you can have your Pinterest board and you can keep it updated with any looks that you like or with any personal photos when you think your hair has looked great.

This means that your elements stylist can efficiently and easily recommend styles and products that can be easily copied at home. On our website we also have links so you can easily purchase products from home or on our online shop – all of which is personalised to suit you within the VIG portal.   

What Makes Us a Top Oxted Hairdressers?

We’re a values driven business. Our values are; listen, educate, add value, make it fun, and share.  

Listen: Because unless we’re able to really know how to listen to you, we can’t hear and grasp what’s important.  

Educate: Because unless you’re able to be your best stylist at home, it doesn’t really matter what we do in the salon. The value drops dramatically and you’re not going to be as motivated to come back. As well as us (the Stylists) educating you, we need to be educated in what is best for you as an individual – so please tell us, don’t hold back!

We believe education is a collaborative process.  

Add Value: Because coming to the salon is value added, it needs to feel worth it to come into the salon and enjoy the experience.

Make It Fun: Our aim, once we know that we’ve heard what you want, and what we’re aiming to deliver, is to deliver a salon experience that is more fun and to personalise your salon visit. So that you’re motivated to come back! 

Share: Within elements, we believe in internally sharing the success and everything of what we do amongst the team. And then externally as a business, sharing and collaborating with other local businesses, so that whatever we do helps to make our community a local high street better.  

Covid Safety

Things are going to be a little different in-salon post Covid 19 and your health & safety is paramount to us. You can read more about what we are doing to keep the team and clients safe and how your salon visit may differ from normal here.