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Balayage Hair Colour at elements lifestyle salon in Oxted

Are you in search of the finest ombre and balayage hair salon in Oxted, Surrey? Do you desire a hair colour that provides flattering sun-kissed results? At elements, we love the balayage hair colouring trend and are dedicated to creating the perfect look for you.

Balayage - a French term meaning 'to paint' or 'to sweep' - is a free-hand technique which allows us to create a customised hair colour which often creates a sun-kissed look with beautiful face-framing colours. 

This technique works particularly well on medium and long hair and can be created with any colours you fancy! 

PLEASE NOTE: We are committed to colour safety and strongly recommend all our clients undergo a colour skin test 48 hours before any colour service.

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Book a Balayage Consultation

Booking a balayage consultation is essential to ensure we fully understand the look you desire. During your consultation we can look at some balayage hair colours you like, assess your hair type and condition.  We will consider factors like your face shape, skin tone and indivdiual sense of style before coming up with a customised balayage plan for you. There is never any pressure to go ahead and we will always be open and honest about the price and time it will take to transform your hair.  Start your balayage journey today by calling elements lifestyle on 01883 714 072.

Blonde Balayage

Blonde balayage stands as a favourite, offering a spectrum of shades from ash blonde to cool icy tones. This versatile look adds dimension to the hair, creating a natural sun-kissed effect that beautifully complements various skin tones. Whether opting for a soft blend or a bold contrast, blonde balayage remains a timeless choice for those seeking a luminous and effortlessly chic appearance.

Balayage For Brown Hair

Balayage for brown hair offers a subtle and natural way to enhance dark tones. By incorporating lighter shades seamlessly, this technique adds depth and texture, showcasing the richness of brown hair in a sophisticated manner. Balayage for brown hair can range from subtle caramel accents to more pronounced honey-toned highlights, providing a spectrum of options to suit different preferences and styles.

Caramel & Honey Balayage Tones

Caramel and honey balayage have emerged as popular choices, infusing warmth and vibrancy into the hair. These sweet, golden tones add a touch of sunlit radiance, creating a luscious and inviting appearance. Caramel balayage often features rich, toffee-like hues, while honey balayage introduces lighter, golden notes, both contributing to a deliciously enticing and natural-looking hair colour. They look fabulous on darker hair bases.

The Money Piece


The 'money piece', also known as face-framing highlights, add a touch of glamour to the balayage technique. We can strategically place brighter, lighter strands around the face, creating a striking contrast against the rest of the hair. The result is a focal point that enhances facial features and provides a dynamic, eye-catching effect. High-impact without committing to a full head of highlights!

Bold Balayage

bold balayage at best hairdressers near me

For those seeking an adventurous look, balayage with vibrant fashion colours or pastels is an exciting trend. Bold reds, candy floss pinks, minty greens, and lavender blues can be expertly woven into the balayage technique, producing a striking result. This avant-garde approach allows for self-expression through hair colour, making a bold statement and showcasing a unique sense of style. 


ombre at top hairdressers in oxted surrey

Ombré hair colour is a variation on balayage.  It can be created to give either a distinct demarcation between the two colours used or a more gradual blend of colour to give depth and dimension to the hair. Ombre hair can be tailored to suit various shades and lengths, offering a versatile and low-maintenance option for those seeking a modern and effortlessly chic appearance.

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Visit the Balayage Colour Specialists in Surrey

At elements lifestyle, we can create beautiful blonde balayage or balayage with fashion colours, and can advise on the best face-framing highlights for your bespoke hair colour. Please call our friendly & profesional team on 01883 714 072.

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