Colour Responsible Policy

Hair Colour Test At elements Hair Salon In Oxted

Testing & Screening For Sensitivity And Reactions To Hair Colour

Colour Responsible Policy at elements Hair Salon in Oxted

Elements Hairdressing in Oxted, Surrey is proud to be a colour-responsible hair salon.

An allergy alert (AAT) test is required before colour services to check for sensitivity and reactions to the hair colouring products that we use.

The test is free and takes just 15 minutes. It must be carried out at least 48 hours prior to your hair colour appointment at our hair salon.

What Is An AAT (Allergy Alert Test)?

AAT stands for Allergy Alert Test - but you may also know it by 'skin testing' or 'patch testing'.  This is a quick test which checks for allergic reactions or sensitivities to the hair colour products we use.  elements follows a Colour Responsible Policy for the safety and peace of mind of our clients and team members.  

How Do I Know If I’ve Had A Reaction To The Test?

When you visit the salon for your allergy alert test your elements Stylist will carefully explain what the various adverse reactions can look like if you have a positive result. These can include things such as redness, swelling or itchiness to the area where you have had your colour applied. A negative result means you have not reacted or had any adverse effects to the colour we applied near the crease of your arm.

When Do I Have The Test & What Is The Process?

Your AAT (Allergy Alert Test) is done in the salon by a trained member of our team following the manufacturer’s instructions. They will dab a dot of hair colour/hair colours near the fold of your arm and let you know what to look out for to check if you have had a reaction. It is important that you do not wash this off for at least 45 minutes, after this amount of time has passed you can wipe it off.

Why Do I Need A Test Prior To My Colour Appointment At elements?

Reactions to hair colour can be serious and even life threatening. There are strict guidelines from manufacturers, insurers, industry bodies and the MHRA around using hair colour.

Please note we test for all types of colour/shade of colour that may potentially be used on your hair. For example temporary, permanent, toners etc. Please note, if your colour choices change at any time a new allergy test will be required for every new colour.

I’ve Coloured My Hair For Years – Do I Need A Test?

Yes, you do. Rest assured elements hairdressing is committed to your safety & comfort and will only ever use the best products and safe methods of hair colouring.  It is important that we continually check for possible reactions regularly as people can become sensitive to hair colour at any point in their lives for a number of different reasons.

How Often Do I Need An AAT?

An Allergy Alert Test is required every 6 months. The allergy alert test will also need to be carried out again if you have had a tattoo, henna tattoo or permanent make-up since your last colour or if it is longer than 6 months since your last colour.

I’m Taking Medication, Will This Affect The Result Of My Skin Test?

Medication may vary your reaction to hair dyes. Some will make you hypersensitive; others may suppress your existing hypersensitivity. Please mention any changes in medication to your hair colour expert at least two days (48hours) before your appointment so we can test for possible allergies.

How Do I Book My Hair Colour Test At elements Hair Salon In Oxted?

To book a hair consultation with one of our highly trained colourists or to book your AAT (allergy alert test) please call us on 01883 714 072 or use the pop up to the right of the page to book online.  Please allow 15 minutes for your complimentary allergy test.