OLAPLEX™ Hair Treatments For Coloured Hair At elements Hair Salon In Oxted, Surrey


A new and revolutionary add-on hair treatment for coloured hair is now available at your local elements hair salon in Oxted. OLAPLEX™ can be used with your usual hair colouring service to give strength, shine and vibrant colour to even the most over-processed hair.

OLAPLEX™ dramatically eliminates hair breakage that can be caused when using permanent hair colour. It is free of silicones, oils, aldehydes and parabens.

How Does OLAPLEX™ Work?

OLAPLEX™ can transform frazzled hair that is dry, damaged or prone to breakage and dramatically reduce damage to the hair and repair bonds that can be broken during hair colouring or bleaching services.

Its revolutionary system is designed to permanently rebuild damaged disulphide bonds in your hair that are broken during the chemical process.

The results are incredible! Ensuring you are left with the strongest, shiniest, and healthiest hair possible.

You can see from our before & after images that the hair was dry and brittle from being over-processed but, with OLAPLEX™ we were able to restore it to beautiful condition and apply new colour on top.

Hair that is damaged and over-processed can be massively improved in just one use with OLAPLEX™.

Solve Hair Breakage During Colouring at Top

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OLAPLEX™ costs from £25 depending on the number of applications, on top of the price for your usual hair colouring service at Elements. We would recommend you book a free consultation prior to booking your appointment so we can assess your hair.

Olaplex is a three-part treatment, the first two of which are carried out in salon and third can be purchased as a take home hair treatment. Hair that is damaged and over-processed can be massively improved in just one use with OLAPLEX™.

Olaplex No.1 is a bond multiplier that can be added directly to colour or used as a stand alone hair treatment.

Olaplex No.2 is a bond perfector that is applied at the back wash once your colour or bleach has been rinsed out.

Olaplex No.3 is a hair perfector and is what you can use at home to prolong and maximise the effect of your Olaplex hair treatment.

*OLAPLEX™ is free of silicones, oils, aldehydes and parabens

New Olaplex No 4 & 5 Hair Treatments at Top Surrey Hair Salon

The new OLAPLEX™ No.4 & 5 hair treatments available at elements hair salon in Surrey, are suitable for all hair types and work to strengthen, repair and maintain the condition of your hair. We are delighted to be one of the few salons offering the new Olaplex No.4 & 5 treatments in Oxted.

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Olaplex No. 4 is a shampoo that aims to add moisture and shine to hair to all hair types. Developed with Olaplex specially formulated bond building chemistry, your hair will be left stronger and more manageable with every wash.


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Olaplex No. 5 works just as hard to repair and rehydrate thirsty locks plus, it eliminates damaged frizzy hair for a glossy finish. This lightweight conditioner is safe to use on coloured hair and does not contain sulphates, or parabens.

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Find Out Why elements Offer The Best Olaplex Hair Treatments in Surrey 

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