Colour Correction

Experts in Correcting Hair Colour Disasters

Colouring your hair at home does not always go to plan, so if you've experienced a hair colour disaster, do not despair because the hair colour experts at elements salon can help.  Come and have a complimentary consultation with one of our colour technicians so we can return your hair to glorious condition and a wonderful colour.

We are trained to the highest standards and use the best colours from hair colour specialists Wella Professional. 

PLEASE NOTE:  We are committed to colour safety and recommend all our clients undertake a colour skin test 48 hours before any colour service. 

Common Hair Colour Problems

Common hair colour issues include hair that has turned brassy or yellow from an incorrect bleach application, unwanted warm tones in the hair, and hair colour that has turned out too dark. 

Our hair colour experts will assess each individual area of your hair to work out how to correct your hair colour problem. This will mean dealing with each strand individually, using different techniques, colours and tones on each section of hair.

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Box Dye V Professional Salon Colouring

We are an award-winning hair & beauty salon with a reputation for creating exceptional hair colour so rest assured our colour technicians can help. 

If your box dye balayage has not quite gone to plan or your blonde now has a green tinge, it's time to visit the professionals at elements.  

We have the skills and knowledge to fix tonal imbalances in the hair, lift flat, dark hair colour, and freshen your locks to make them vibrant once more.

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Improving Dull & Dry Hair 

If hair has become over-processed or exposed to too much harsh weather, it can become dry, brittle and prone to breakage. 

Let us come up with a plan to help repair bleach-damaged or sun-damaged hair by restoring some of the moisture that has been lost by over-processing.

If you’ve had a home dye colour disaster or had an incorrect colour application elsewhere, leave it to the experts at elements hair beauty lifestyle in Oxted to correct your hair colour problems.

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Colour Correction Appointments

We recommend booking a complimentary colour consultation prior to your colour correction service.  We can discuss the hair colouring application methods we use and advise on which shades and tones will help get your hair back on track again.  Call 01883 714 072 ASAP.

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