Covid Secure

Covid Safety At elements Hair Salon In Surrey 

We are working in accordance with government guidelines. Rest assured, upon your return, we have measures in place to keep our team and clients safe. You can book your hair appointment by calling us on 01883 714 072 or book online. If you are having your hair coloured, you will require a quick patch test prior to your appointment.

We are fortunate to have a spacious salon which makes social distancing easier, plus our team are maintaining excellent hygiene levels.

We look forward to welcoming you on your next visit and thank you for your co-operation.

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East Surrey

Coronavirus (COVID -19) Update elements hair and beauty salon oxtedFilters & Anti-viral Diffusers

We have taken further steps to ensure your wellbeing and have installed special doTERRA filters & anti-viral diffusers on each floor. They use a unique blend of essential oils to support the immune system and help kill off harmful bacteria and viruses.  

We also now have a portable ‘Baby Fogger’ that we use throughout the day and the ‘Big Fogger’ that’s used at the end of every day.

Coronavirus (COVID -19) Update elements hair and beauty salon oxtedSteriliser Banks

We have special steriliser banks, where all equipment including brushes, combs & scissors are sterilised after each use.

Listed below are the measures we have put in place to ensure that our Clients and Team stay as safe as possible during this time…

  • We have a private styling room available upon request
  • We are offering extra flexibility with appointment times and can cater for early or late appointments
  • We’ve removed all magazines from the salon but clients are welcome to bring their own 
  • We have free in-salon Wi-Fi so you are free to bring a tablet/laptop too 
  • Hand sanitiser is available for clients 
  • All towels and gowns are thoroughly laundered after each client on-site
  • The salon is regularly cleaned every day and deep cleaned every evening. We will continue cleaning the salon to its usual high standard and use anti-bacterial spray-on door handles, handrails, toilet flushes, taps and other areas of multiple contact. We will continue this practice throughout the day and all areas of contact are cleaned with anti-bacterial products between clients.
  • Our Reception team will ensure that the credit card machines are cleaned regularly using anti-bacterial wipes.

We are following government guidelines and are, as always, taking precautions. With that in mind, we would kindly ask that you reschedule your appointment if you develop Covid 19 symptoms. 

If you need to call us, you call us on 01883 714 072 – we value your co-operation and are happy to chat through any of your concerns. Thank you.