Repair Split Ends Over Night!

Repair Split Ends Over Night with These Top Hassle-Free Tips! at elements Hair & Beauty Salon in Oxted, Surrey

If you have put your hair through its paces over the years, trying out every new hair colour or hair service available then you may have been left with a few split ends!

Regular haircuts and hair treatments are definitely the best way to look after your hair but often life gets in the way – imagine if you could repair those pesky split ends over night?

Here are the some of the ways you can try to get rid of split ends without having to lose inches from your length!

Use a Leave-On Conditioner

Straight-hair-with-centre-parting at elements hair & beauty salon, OxtedQuite often we don’t have time to correctly apply our hair products and gently blow dry our tresses into a beautiful style – more often than not we blast it on a hot heat with the hairdryer before maxing out our tongs and hair straighteners to help it resemble so sort of style!

This is obviously bad for our hair and can leave it feeling dry, brittle and wide open to breakage. To help nourish and hydrate your hair the experienced hairstylists in elements hair salon in Oxted suggest applying a leave in conditioner to your locks.

We love Staying Alive by Kevin Murphy, a high-performance leave-in hair treatment that will leave your hair looking feeling silky smooth.

Invest in The Right Type of Conditioner for Your Hair

smooth hair at elements hair salonin OxtedIt is important to remember that not one conditioner suits all. Everyone’s hair is different and it is important to find the correct one for you and your hair type.

Hair that has split ends can often feel dry and brittle and lacking in moisture – at elements hairdressing salon in Oxted we advise you use a conditioner that repairs and hydrates. We stock a variety of top haircare brands including Kevin Murphy, Redken and Morroccanoil and will suggest the most suitable ones for your hair type and texture.

Take a look at the brands we stock or why not pop into our Oxted hairdressing salon for a consultation?

Keep Your Hair In Check by Using a Hair Serum

Using a quality hair serum such as Morroccanoil alongside your regular conditioner will help to repair split ends. Morroccanoil can be used as a conditioning, styling and finishing product and has shine-boosting vitamins, to help detangle and transform even the unruliest of hair!

Serums are a great way to invisibly coat the hair and instantly smooth rough ends giving your hair an instant lift!

If you fancy a spot of pampering why not let element’s team of skilled hairstylists give you a luxury deep conditioning treatment or try OLAPLEX™ to give strength and shine to even the most over-processed hair.

How to Stop Split Ends From Coming Back Advice From elements Hair & Beauty Salon Oxted

So now you know all the tricks and top products to use to prevent split ends from coming back, you need to take extra care of your hair and be mindful about the products and treatments you use in future.

When you comb or brush your hair ensure that you never force it through your hair. This can cause the hair to stretch and break resulting in flyways and split ends. Instead use a wide toothed comb and take your time!

Make sure you keep hair protected from the heat of the sun as this can weaken the hair shaft. Try using Redken’s Satinwear lotion to fight the frizz caused by heat and get a smooth, shiny-looking finish.

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If in doubt, seek advice from the team at elements hairdressing salon in Oxted. We can get your hair looking healthy and shiny for summer.

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