Gilded Glamour From The Met Gala 2022

At elements, we love a bit of glamour, and you can't get more glamourous than the annual Met Gala event! Celebrities and fashion icons showed off their best fashion looks, and we have to say we are loving these trends for 2022. Statement hair accessories, dramatic cuts and slicked back styles dominated in the hair department with gold dresses and sequins definitely taking centre stage.

Look at our favourite hair & style looks from the Met Gala 2022! 

Barbara's Choice

If Barbara could choose any outfit to go to a glamourous event, it would definitely be this look from Kate Moss! Effortless waves compliment the dramatic, classic black dress perfectly.

Tiara's - The Trend We Didn't Know We Needed

Could Tiara's be the next hair accessory for 2022? We think it could be, make a statement for your next event, and after Monday night, we think every bride will be rethinking her wedding hair! Let us know what you think.

Dramatic Hair Accesories

Adding glamour in the way of a hair accessory is a must. Whether it's a bit of sparkle or a something more dramatic, your hair will be longing for a bit of glam in 2022!

Slicked-Back - And THAT Dress

Harsh, dramatic hair seems to have replaced the soft look of previous years.

And how could we forget to mention the Queen of glamour herself, Marilyn Monroe, who's dress is once again being shown off in the height of glamour!

Men Of The Met Gala

Two contrasts of Men's fashion from Stormzy and Alton Mason. A dramatic and elegant white suit and cape from one, while the other has opted for a standout blue cape covered in sparkle. Which one do you think will catch on?