What Are Face Framing Highlights?

Face Framing Highlights At Elements Hairdressers In Oxted

Alongside the balayage hair colour trend, face framing highlights have also become a popular hair colour choice. If you're not sure what face framing highlights are, we have everything you need to know about face framing highlights at Elements Hair, Beauty & Lifestyle Salon in Surrey.

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How To Create Face Framing Highlights

Face framing highlights are also known as hair contouring or the money piece. This hair colouring technique involves highlighting the sections of hair framing the face (as the name suggests!). It's an effective way to lighten and brighten your hair colour whilst accentuating your facial features.

To create the money piece, we will typically follow the natural parting of your hair. During your consultation, we will discuss the look you'd like to achieve and then section your hair accordingly for how thick or thin you'd like your face framing highlights to be. Very thin highlights around the hairline are called babylights!


Sun-Kissed Face Framing Highlights

Balayage and face framing highlights go hand-in-hand. At Elements Lifestyle Hairdressing Salon, our hair colour experts can create stunning sun-kissed hair colours using balayage and the money piece techniques. Whether you're going on holiday or not this summer, we can create a natural-looking, sun-kissed hair colour for you!

For that beach babe look, face framing highlights are pretty much a must! The best way to create a naturally sun-kissed effect is by weaving highlights throughout your hair to mimic where the sun would lighten it. Pair this with a blonde money piece and your hair will look light, bright and beautiful.


Dimensional Hair Colours With Multi-Tones

Our skilled colour technicians can add depth and dimension to your hair colour using highlights and lowlights in different tones. Hair contouring can be used to accentuate your facial features in a flattering way.

If you're looking for a hair colour that looks natural with a stunning range of shades and tones, then a multi-dimensional hair colour is perfect for you. We can still ensure that your hair colour is light and bright by expertly placing face framing highlights to achieve the look you desire.

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Face Framing Highlights On Dark Hair

Face framing highlights aren't just for blondes! Our expert hair colourists can create beautiful face framing highlights on any hair colour including red hair colour, brunette hair colour and even very dark brunette hair colour. During a consultation, we will let you know what can be achieved on your hair colour.

The money piece can be used to enhance your natural hair colour or as a gorgeous contrast between light and dark to really make you stand out from the crowd.

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