Toners 101

What Is A Toner & Why Do You Need One At Hair & Lifestyle Salon In Surrey

As the blonde hair specialists in Oxted, we think it's important that you understand what is a hair toner, what different types and how you can maintain your toner!

A hair toner is what can personalise your colour and really is a hair colourist's best friend. You need to apply a hair toner to your bleached mane to achieve a natural-looking blonde rather than a garish yellow or brassy orange. How does it work, you ask? Here are the details.

What Is A Hair Toner? 

Hair toners work to change the underlying tone of your hair. Unless you have naturally very light blonde hair, there will always be a hint of red or brown and this can affect the way bleach or colour sits in your hair. The use of a toner can remove any unwanted tones and enhance the lightened tones in your hair, making your hair look shinier and healthier. 


What Are The Different Types Of Toner? 

There are many different types of hair toner. Each are designed to give you a different result, whether that is a cool tone, warm tone or enhancing the colour in your hair. See the different types of toners available for you: 

Gloss: Color-refreshing glosses are available for both blonde hair and brunette hair. These hair-toning glosses go on your hair after a wash and conditioning, are left on for three minutes, and then rinsed out. They work to refresh and revive color-treated hair so that it can be just as vibrant and shiny as the day you got it colored.

In-Salon toners: These toners have a higher concentration of pigment. Because of this, they should only be used by professionals. You can book toning appointments at your salon in between coloring sessions to maintain the vibrancy of your color.

Tinted shampoos: Blue and purple shampoos are easy to use and as simple as swapping out your regular shampoo for these toning ones. These products are specifically formulated to knock out unwanted brassy tones and make your color brighter and more vibrant.


How Do I Maintain My Toner?

The best way to maintain your toner is to remember that your hair should be in great condition. Washing your hair everyday can strip the natural oils out of your hair and make your hair more fragile. Book regular hydrating treatments to keep your blonde and coloured hair in it's best condition and looking vibrant. Overwashing can affect your toner, remember to not wash your hair for 24 hours after your toner is applied. 

As well as keeping your hair hydrated, it's also important to use toning shampoos and conditioners once or twice a week to maintain the vibrancy of your toner. Kevin Murphy have a wide range of shampoos and conditioners to suit all types of tones in your hair. If you have blonde hair, we would recomend the Blonde Angel range to keep your hair looking fresh and vibrant. 


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