Mirrorless & Silent Appointments

Mirrorless & Silent Appointments At Elements Salon In Oxted

At Elements Hair, Beauty & Lifestyle Salon in Surrey, we understand that at times you may not want to talk to your stylist. We also understand that you may not want to stare at yourself in the mirror for hours while getting your hair done.

Your wellbeing is important to us. Not only do we want to help you look your best, we also want to help you feel your best. If not talking to anyone or not having a mirror during your appointment will make you feel better, then we are always happy to oblige.

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Silent Hairdressing Appointments

Silent Appointments at Elements Hair Salon in SurreyHairdressers are known for being chatty! However, this is not always everyone's cup of tea.

That's why, at Elements Hairdressers in Oxted, we offer silent hair appointments.

If you don't like making small talk, make sure to book a silent appointment so that we know to leave you in peace whilst we work on your hair.

During a silent hairdressing appointment, we won't try to make conversation. This means you can sit back and relax, tune out or read a book or magazine - whatever your heart desires!

Mirrorless Hair Appointments

Mirrorless Appointments at Elements Hairdressers in SurreyIt is often thought that mirrors are an integral part of a hairdressing appointment, as salons tend to be overrun with mirrors! However, this is not the case.

Back in the day, mirrors were needed so that stylists could see the front of the head when they were teasing and setting hairstyles like the beehive. These days, hair appointments are more about hair colour and cuts where the stylist can work in sections without needing to see everything all at once.

This means, if you don't want a mirror during your hair appointment, we don't need one either. We understand that it can be hard to stare at yourself in the mirror for the entirety of a hair appointment. Often during hair appointments is when we can start to feel we look our worst as we have time to pick ourselves apart in the mirror. 

At Elements Hairdressers, those days are gone. Book in for a mirrorless haircut instead. At the end of the mirrorless appointment, we will do a big reveal to show you your gorgeous new hair!

Book Silent & Mirrorless Appointments At Top Surrey Salon

We welcome everyone at our salon. This is why we offer silent and mirrorless appointments at Elements Hair, Beauty & Lifestyle Salon in Oxted.

Please let us know when booking that you would like a 'silent appointment' or 'mirrorless appointment' (or both!). To book your appointment, please call us on 01883 714 072 or book online using the pop-up button.