Whatever the reason was for becoming who I am now, I can not remember it.
I have spent a long time doing what I do to become a fantastic stylist and still passionately in love with what I do for every client.
Turning your day around, by my very own special skills and making you look and feel a million dollars must be one of my main motivations.
And why not, we all deserve the best, I will make sure that you have it!
Let me guide you on a journey to help you understand where my confidence, skills and understanding lie.
Working with you as my client gives me oodles of inspiration and drive to be the best I can.
As a mother I understand that life is not just about me anymore but we all have our own universe and we are the centre of it.
Making time and using that time for your fabulous self it is so important in the making of you.
Do make time to come to see us and let us help you in becoming the queen or king of your own universe.

Big hair big hair big hair……
so far I have been creating just that.
Choppy would have to be the word for me this season, long or short hair with lots of layers and defferent colours its just the thing I am really looking forward to as well as big bouncy blowdrys.

The High Hair range has every solution to keep your big blow dry bouncy.
I love pushing the boundaries when accenting my cuts with colour.