Prepare for your visit

We’d like to know more about your ‘relationship’ with your hair to understand ‘who’s in charge, you or your hair?

Then we can create a look  that is more your ‘life’s style’

We all have our ..”ooh I wish I could get more volume or hold or shine” moments well we’re here to grant your 3 hair wishes.

For us to be best prepared for your visit, please answer the following which will give us an insight as to what would make this ‘relationship’ work better for you when we’re not around!

Over the next 6-8 weeks I need my style to look great…
What’s most important to me today
(Rank 1-4, 1=highest)
My colour update
I want my colour today to…
I’m having a BLOW DRY today for…
My maintenance plan needs to give me:

Have a peek at our team page, to see the styles and colours we’re all showcasing this season. One of the great benefits of elements is that we are a large team with diverse skills and expertise. This means that you can choose the stylists whose cuts and whose colour techniques most appeal to you for each visit. 

Don’t forget to check our ‘Best Accessory’ channel for tips to help you style your hair at home!