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summer hair at elements hair salon OxtedHow To Take Care Of Your Hair This Summer at elements Lifestyle Hair & Beauty Salon in Oxted 

Do you dread the warm, humid and hot days of summer? Do you struggle to control your frizzy hair or does it always feel dry after being in the sun?

The hairstyling experts at elements hair salon in Oxted share their top tips on how best to care for your hair this summer and bring you all the must have haircare products to keep your hair looking healthy and shiny this summer.


How to Protect Your Hair From Chlorine

Chlorine can strip the hair of sebum, a natural oil found in the hair. The effects of chlorine on the hair can leave it feeling brittle and dry. If you swim frequently it is recommended that you wear a swimming cap, the repeated drying can also cause your hair’s protective cuticles to weaken, which can lead to split ends and breakage.

Once you’re back from your travels, book an appointment at elements Hairdressing Salon in Oxted for a professional Olaplex conditioning treatment to help restore your hair to its pre-holiday health. Olaplex dramatically eliminates hair breakage and is free of silicones, oils, aldehydes and parabens.

How to Protect Coloured Hair From the Sun at Top Oxted Hair Salon

The strong rays of the sun can cause hair colour to fade so it is best to protect it before exposing it to the suns harmful rays. The expert hairstylists at elementssuggest using a colour protecting shampoo and conditioner to prevent hair colour fade

If you do experience a hair colour problem we specialise in hair colour correction in our Oxted hair salon and can return your hair back to its former glory. To see the full range of hair colouring services we provide at elements follow this link.

elements Hairdressing Salon Explain How to Prevent Frizz

Is your hair too curly, wavy or frizzy? Do you struggle to manage your unruly locks?

Frizzy hair is one of the biggest summer hair problems we hear about, and each year our clients ask us how to prevent frizz in the heat and humidity.

Frizz is due to a lack of moisture in the hair so we suggest hydrating your thirsty hair with an intensive conditioning treatment such as mane attention protein treatment by evo.

Visit the Haircare Specialists at elements Lifestyle Hair & Beauty Salon in Oxted 

If in doubt, seek advice from the team at elements hairdressing salon in Oxted. We can get your hair looking healthy and shiny for summer.

Book your hair appointment by calling us on 01883 714 072 or book securely online here.

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