Spring Hair Trends 2022

Spring Hair Trends 2022 Elements Hair Salon In Oxted

If a new hairstyle is just what is needed for this Spring, we can help you at the best hairdressers in Surrey. We have searched through all of our favourite Instagram accounts to bring to you our favourite Spring hair trends for 2022. Book your complimentary consultation so our expert hair stylists can help you choose your perfect new look for this Spring!

Spring Hair Ideas At Elements Hair Salon In Oxted

The Pixie

In 2022 we are seeing the recreation of the Pixie cut. Not only can you go for the super short Pixie layered hairstyle, we are also getting requests for The Bixie and The Nixie which refers to the layered hairstyle which is a bit longer than the traditional cut - somewhere between a Pixie cut and a short bob. Hence Bixie (a bob-like Pixie) and Nixie (nearly a Pixie)!  Australian model, actress and TV presenter Ruby Rose gets the look spot-on for 2022. 


The Shag

Step back in time for this unisex hairstyle which was first seen in the 1970s, but today's version has been given a modern twist. Add some short layers to your hairstyle, spray in some texturising spray for a touseled vibe and you will be rocking this shaggy hairstyle just like Taylor Swift!


The Bob

The Bob has proved itself to be a hairstyle that will never go out of fashion. Wear with a centre parting, one length that just skims the chin to be wearing this timeless look for 2022. Use texturising products for a shaggy look, or go super sleek to be on trend this Spring 2022.


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