Short Hair Ideas

4 Reasons To Choose The Chop At Elements Hair Salon In Oxted

Fed up of your long hairstyle this Summer? Well, why not choose a trendy short style going into the Autumn? At elements Hair & Lifestyle Salon in Surrey, our expert stylists can create the perfect short hair do with skilled precision cutting and fully understand what hairstyles suit each face shape. Still not convinced? Check out our 4 reasons to choose the chop!

Short Hair Is Healthier Hair

By keeping your hair short, you are cutting away the dead ends that with some longer hairstyles can start to look a bit in need of some tender loving care. Naturally, your shorter hair style will look fuller, healthier and in great condition when you are regularly maintaining the ends. 

Short Hair Is Cool...

... and we mean that in both senses of the word! As well as making a statement which is very much on trend with a short hairstyle, you will also feel the benefit of keeping your neck cooler as we go into the warmer months. 

Save Time On Styling Your Hair

Shorter hair means less time sat under the hairdryer or straightening your hair. Save yourself time and effort and be ready within minutes by booking your hair appointment at DMH Hair Salon in Wanneroo today, and embrace the time you will save getting ready in the mornings!

Make The Most Of Your Facial Features

We can create a short hairstyle that really enhances your facial features, making more of your beautiful eyes. Read our blog on how to find out your face shape, or book your hair appointment now so our expert hair stylists can help find the perfect style for you. 

Book Your Hair Appointment At Elements Hair Salon In Oxted Surrey

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