Give Your Hairstyle Staying Power

Keep your hair looking perfect at elements hair salon, Oxted

The hairdressing experts at elements hair beauty lifestyle salon in Oxted will always give you great-looking hair cuts, styles and colour, but how can you give your hair style staying power in between your hair appointments?

Check out these tips to keep your curls, plaits and upstyles look fabulous!

Stop Your Upstyle From Falling Down

  • Keep your upstyle securely in place by doubling up on bobby pins, placing them in a criss-cross to hold your hair securely.
  • If you’re worried about the pins showing, either use pretty jewelled pins or cover up the bobby pins with a lovely hair accessory.
  • Tame any flyaway hair  by spraying hairspray onto your hair brush and running it through your hair.  Perfect if you want a slick and perfectly polished updo.
  • Check out some of the cool faux hair pieces that you can add to your upstyle to make it more interesting.  Maybe add a thick plait as a halo braid, or some clip in (or real) hair extensions for volume or a pop of extra colour.

Keep The Waves In Your Curly Hair 

  • Curly hair always looks gorgeous but, after a couple of hours of dancing, your curls may begin to drop and (eeek!) may even become a bit frizzy.  The solution?  Curls will hold better in day old hair as your hair will not be soft and slippery.
  • Curl your hair in sections and apply a setting lotion to each section before curling your hair with a wand or tongs.  Pin your curl in place so it is tightly wrapped up and let it cool before releasing it.
  • Finish with a spritz of hair spray.
  • Do not be tempted to fiddle with your hair as this will cause the curls to drop out faster.

Stop Your Braids From Slipping

Braids can sometimes misbehave and slip from their original position.  This is a particular problem for women with fine or thin hair, but does also happen if you have thicker hair.  Try these tips to solve this issue:

  • Add some product to your hair to make it grip.  A hair salt spray or  dry shampoo work well.
  • Spritz some hairspray onto your hair and blow dry it into shape.
  • Braid your hair as tightly as you want but bear in mind that tighter plaits will stay in place for longer than loose plaits.
  • Add some bobby pins to the first part of your plait to hold it in place.  You can always hide any pins that are showing by adding some pretty hair accessories to your braid, such as a fake flower.