Elevate Your Hair Experience With Snacks & Lunch

Snacks & Lunch During Your Appointment At Elements Salon In Oxted

Lunch at Elements Hair Salon in Oxted

At Elements Hair, Beauty & Lifestyle Salon in Surrey, we want your appointment to be as enjoyable as possible. This is why we are now offering snacks and lunch during your appointment! Gone are the days of feeling peckish during a long hair appointment. Sit back and relax, enjoy your appointment and enjoy some delicious food while you're at it!

We've partnered up with Cucina restaurant to serve you the best yummy snacks and lunch at our salon. If you're busy but want to get your hair done and the only have free time during your lunch break, we can make sure you're fed and looking fabulous!

Stay Energised

Sometimes hair appointments can last a few hours, especially if you're going for a colour correction, colour change or hair transformation! We know that the hunger pains can begin to creep in during this time. If you're feeling hungry, this can often affect your mood and how you view things! We want you to be in the best mindset so you can fully enjoy your appointment and really see and love the results. Whether it's a snack to keep you going or a full meal for lunch, order whatever you would like to keep those hunger pangs at bay. You deserve to feel happy and not hungry during your appointment!

Stay Relaxed

You can't fully relax on an empty stomach! Your hair appointment is 'me' time. We're here to preen and pamper you so that you look and feel your best during and after your appointment. Allow yourself to completely relax with a delicious snack or meal so that your stomach isn't growling and disturbing your selfcare time. Sit back, relax and munch on some food while we work our magic on your hair. 

Stay Happy


Order Lunch & Snacks During Your Appointment At Elements Salon In Surrey

We're sure that ordering food during your hair appointment is going to revolutionise your experience! Book your hair appointment at Elements Hair Salon in Oxted now and try out having some amazing food from Cucina during your appointment to see just how great it is. To book your appointment, please call us on 01883 714 072 or book online using the pop-up button.