Do On The Day

Brunettes at elements hair salon in oxted£25 - £30 BLOW DRIES AT ELEMENTS HAIR SALON IN OXTED

We occasionally have availability for one or two blow dry appointments on the day of booking. These are only available if we have a slot available for that day

So if you you'd like a professional blow dry and don't want to Do It Yourself, you can book your Do On The Day just £25 - £30 (original price £37 - £42) at elements Hair Salon in Oxted, Surrey.

All you need to do to take advantage of this great offer is give our salon a call on the day you fancy your blow dry.  If we can fit you in, we will! 

This offer is available with all level stylists, price dependant on the stylist available, and as an extra treat, you can experience an Ultimate Repair in salon treatment for FREE.

Simply call the salon on 01883 714072 on the day!