Colour roots instantly with Color Wow

color wowFast becoming one of our biggest sellers, Color Wow is a brilliant new product that extends the life of your hair colour in an instant!

The unique mineral powder formula can be brushed onto dark roots to blend them in with the rest of your hair, it can extend your highlights or camouflage grey hair.

We are selling Color Wow at elements hair beauty lifestyle for £24.  It is fast and easy to use and we have six colours to choose from:  black, blonde, dark brown, light brown, medium brown and platinum.

Find out how it works here where we focus on adding platinum blonde to dry hair…

Color Wow Platinum Blonde Root Cover-Up

Color Wow covers up roots and regrowth easily and with no mess in a matter of minutes.  Color Wow Root Cover Up for platinum blonde hair not only camouflages dreaded grey roots but even covers dark regrowth instantly in lightened/highlighted hair. Never before has dark regrowth been “lightened” without peroxide!

This unique, professional powder compound adheres to hair without being sticky or oily and without dulling or looking dry. Each shade contains a variety of pigments and reflective particles to ensure a natural match with many different hair colors.


How to cover your roots instantly

Apply to dry or styled hair.  To cover roots, start with a small amount of powder. Use your free hand to pull hair taut at the root. Dab on to your roots, starting from the scalp and working outward. Repeat as necessary until roots disappear and colour looks like new.

To extend highlights, use the side edge of the small end of the brush. Wherever highlights have grown out, apply blonde powder so you effectively join it to the existing highlight.

Let it set for a minute and then you can brush your hair for a natural look.