2016 Hair Trends

We predict the hottest hair trends to keep you looking gorgeous and on-trend in 2016.

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So, what are the hot trends for 2016?

Casually Styled Wavy Hair

The trend for disconnected, slightly messly looking hair continues so 2016 is the year to add gentle waves to your style.  Get the curling tongs or straighteners out and add in some kinks.  Your waves should look unstructured – as if you’ve rolled out of bed and run your hands through your hair.

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Short Hair Styles For 2016

Short hair continues to rock in 2016!  You can’t go wrong with a short bob.  Have a one layered bob or ask for layers to be added.  You can then wear your bob straight and sleek or wavy and a bit messy.  Other key short looks include quiffs with short back and sides, pixie crops and longer fringes with a side sweep.

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Have Fun With Your Hair in 2016

2016 is the year to experiment with your hair style.  Why not try a different style every day of the week?  Monday could be a plaited style (even short hair can have micro braids), Tuesday wear it sleek and straight, on Wednesday add some gentle waves, Thursday is time for slicked back hair, Friday try a low side plait or centre parting, Saturday means volume and Sunday is a pared back ponytail or low slung bun.

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2016 Hair Colour Trends

Blondes, red-heads and brunettes will always have a place  in fashion and we can find a shade that will suit your skin, eye colouring and overall look you want to achieve.During 2016, we predict men and women will continue to experiment with hair colour.  Why not try the trend for balayage and ombre hair colour which gives a more sun-kissed look?  Or perhaps you want to add some subtle highlights throughout your hair.

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