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Cezanne Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatments at elements Hairdressing Salon in Oxted, Surrey

Sick of your dry, unruly, frizzy hair? Beautiful sleek, shiny, manageable locks can now be yours with the amazing Cezanne Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatments available at elements Hairdressing Salon in Oxted, Surrey.

Our experienced team recommend you have an in-depth hair consultation prior to your Smoothing Hair Treatment so we can assess your hair. We will discuss the result you can expect from your smoothing hair service, depending on the amount of frizz or curl that is present in your hair.

What are Cezanne Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatments?

 A keratin hair smoothing treatment or Brazilian blow-dry is the best way to make hair sleek, smooth and frizz free – leaving you with that salon blow dry finish every time you wash your hair! And now with the Express Keratin Hair Service easier to control, healthy hair is not far away. 

How Long Will Cezanne Keratin Treatment Last?

This may vary depending on the length and thickness of your hair. We recommend a keratin smoothing treatment consultation prior to your service where we can advise you on an individual basis. The Classic Treatment will last 3-5 months on average. 

How long will Cezanne Express last?

Again, the amount of time varies for each individual depending on hair type, texture and maintenance. On average an express treatment should last between 4-6 weeks.

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Will a Cezanne Hair Smoothing Service Straighten My Hair?

No. This particular hair smoothing treatment works to smooth and relax curly or wavy hair and reduce frizz rather than make it permanently straight.

What is The Difference Between an Express Service & Classic?

The classic hair smoothing service will give longer lasting results while the express service can be delivered in half the time. The express hair smoothing service is ideal for quick touch ups and perfect for treating problem areas such as cowlicks and to tame unruly fringes!

How Soon After a Hair Smoothing Treatment Can I Wash My Hair?

One of the many benefits of Cezanne Hair Smoothing Services are that unlike most smoothing treatments, hair can be washed immediately after a treatment. It is also OK to use hair ties, clips and styling products after getting a Cezanne treatment.

Will The Keratin Smoothing Treatment Work On My Hair Type?

Yes. This treatment is ideal for all hair types and especially effective on coarse, damaged hair or frizzy hair. 

My Hair Is Coloured – Can I Have The Treatment?

Yes. The treatment is colour safe and can be used on coloured, bleached and highlighted hair. It can even be applied over other chemical treatments such as Japanese straighteners and relaxers.

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