Hair Removal

Waxing hair removal at elements beauty salon, Oxted, Surrey

Waxing is a temporary hair removal treatment that uses hot wax to remove unwanted hair. At elements hair and beauty salon in Oxted we offer professional waxing of legs, bikini, back, upper lip, chin, underarm and eyebrows.  If you want any other area of the body waxed, you can talk to our waxing experts in complete confidence.


Why should I get waxed?

Waxing is quick and easy hair removal with long-lasting results. Our trained beauty therapists will ensure that you get a clean and smooth finish with absolutely no hair.  Over time you will also see that the hair that has been waxed away grows back much softer and finer.

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How often should I get waxed?

Hair regrowth varies according to the individual.  In most cases you will see a minimal regrowth in three weeks.  At elements hair and beauty salon in Oxted we would advise you to come back to see us every four to five weeks for beautiful, smooth, hair-free skin.

Does waxing hair removal hurt?

Our elements beauty therapists are highly trained and will keep discomfort to a minimum.  Do not worry – you are in capable hands.

Waxing after care

leg waxingYour elements beauty specialist will make sure you are aware of any after care advice after your waxing treatment.

 As a guideline, avoid the sun, deodorant, hot baths/showers, spas and saunas and chlorinated pools immediately after your waxing as your skin may be a little sensitive. Keep the waxed area moisturised and hydrated.  An unscented moisturiser or oil works well. 


Book your hair removal appointment at elements beauty salon, Oxted

You can call our beauty specialist on 01883 714 072 in complete confidence to book your hair removal appointment at our beauty salon in Oxted.

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East Surrey

Bikini   Wax£11.00
Bikini   & 1/2 leg£23.00
Bikini,   1/2 leg & underarm£30.00
1/2 leg£16.00
1/2 leg   & underarm£21.00
Full   leg£25.00
Full arm£20.00
Sides of face