Unlock The Secret of Perfect Hair

Unlock The Secret of Perfect Hair

Energise Your Hair & Scalp with System Professional EnergyCode at elements salon, Oxted

System Professional’s scientists have unlocked the secret of having great hair with a new system called EnergyCode, now available at elements hair salon in Oxted.

During a 10 minute consultation we can now analyse your hair and scalp to give you your own unique ‘EnergyCode’.   This allows us to prescribe the perfect combination of products to give you optimum results to transform your hair.

With over 170 million possible combinations, new System Professional provides the ultimate in luxury hair personalisation.

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All you need to unlock your hair’s true potential is spend 10 minutes talking to the hair experts at elements.  We’ll ask you what you like and dislike about your hair, discuss your current home hair care regime, analyse your hair and scalp and assess the quality of your hair fibres.

This will help us to determine an EnergyCode for your hair and scalp – which tells you which products are perfect for your hair’s needs.    The products are grouped into four areas:  Derma, Fibra, Extra and Forma.  They include high quality and effective shampoos, conditioners, masks, serums, lotions, infusions, elixirs, emulsions and oils.

EnergyCode hair products, sutton coldfield hair salon


Purify – Designed to deeply cleanse and reduce dandruff

Balance – Designed to care and soothe the scalp

Repair – Designed to reconstruct damaged and fragile hair fibre

Solar – Designed to protect the hair from damage through sun exposure


Color Save – Designed to repair and enhance colour treated hair for lasting brilliance

LuxeOil – Designed to protect the keratin in hair with luxurious oils


Extra – Designed for high performance results with the most advanced technologies from System Professional


Hydrate – Designed to deeply restore dry hair’s moisture balance

Smoothen – Designed to detangle and soften rebellious, curly and unruly hair

Volumize – Designed to strengthen and uplift fine hair

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